Carer Information

It’s important that everyone who works here at Ascot Medical Centre knows you are a carer so that we can offer you help and support if you need it. Anyone who looks after a friend or family member who cannot manage without them, and is unpaid, can register. This includes carers under the age of 18.

If you are a carer, please complete this form below.


Am I eligible as a carer?

A carer looks after a family member, friend, partner or neighbour who needs support due to illness, disability or old age. The help carers give is unpaid, though you may still receive Carer’s Allowance or other benefits. You do not have to care full time to receive Carer’s Allowance or live with the person you care for to be a carer.

I don't live in the same borough/county as the person I care for - where do I go for help?

It is the duty of the local authority (council) where the person you care for lives to assess their care and support needs and your needs as a carer. For example, if the person you care for lives in Sutton, the London Borough of Sutton would be responsible for assessing their support needs and offering you a Carer’s Assessment.

What is Carer's Allowance and how do I claim it?

Please click here for the latest carer’s allowance information.

Where could I receive more details on Carer Support?

There is a wealth of information on the NHS website about carers and caring. Below are some links into the site that we hope you will find useful.

Finance and Law

Help claiming benefits, looking after your bank balance and understanding the legal issues of caring.

What are the contact details of Carer's Direct?

Telephone – 0808 802 0202
Lines are open 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday, 11am to 4pm at weekends. Calls are free from UK landlines