The practice has the following aims and objectives:

  • To provide the highest standards of patient care available on the NHS.
  • To ensure that patients are seen by the most appropriate health professional in an appropriate timescale.
  • To ensure that all patients are fully informed and involved in decisions about their health, creating a partnership between the patient and health care professionals.
  • To focus on disease prevention through health promotion and preventative medicine.
  • To ensure that patients are, at all times and by all members of the practice, treated with respect and dignity and without discrimination.
  • To ensure that all members of the practice team have the correct skills and on-going training to deliver our aims and objectives in a patient centred way.
  • To provide a safe, comfortable and friendly practice environment for the benefit of both patients and staff.
  • To continuously seek to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the services we provide, involving the patients in our practice and development plans.
  • To maintain quality of life and an effective work/life balance for all staff to safeguard the practice and ensure sustainability.