Fit Note for Self-Isolation

There is a National online system for getting a Fit note for the purpose of self-isolation. You do not need to contact or see the GP for this. Please click here.

Fit notes are issued to patients by doctors following an assessment of their fitness for work. A fit note is issued after the first seven days of sickness absence (when patients can self-certify) if the doctor assesses that the patient’s health affects their fitness for work.

The doctor can decide the patient is ‘unfit for work’ or ‘may be fit for work subject to the following advice…’ with accompanying notes on suggested adjustments or adaptations to the job role or workplace.

    If you are off work for 7 days or less, you do not need to contact your GP for a sick note. Your employer may however require you to complete a self-certification form (SC2) which is available from your employer, or you can download it from the HMRC website.

    You must give your employer a doctor’s ‘fit note’ (sometimes called a ‘sick note’) if you’ve been ill for more than 7 days in a row and have taken sick leave. This includes non-working days, such as weekends and bank holidays.

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    Where do I get more information on Sick Notes?

    To know more on Sick/Fit notes, visit

    Do I need a return to work note?

    If you are fit for work, you do not need a fit note.

    Your doctor will only give you a fit note if your health affects your fitness for work.

    Can I get a sick note without seeing my GP?

    A fit note must be signed by a doctor, but you do not always need to see a GP in person to get one. Please see NHS website for details.

    Can I go back to work before the end date on my fit note?

    Please check the NHS website for details

    Where do I learn more on Statutory Pay?