We want you stay well and minimise the risk of your COPD getting worse or flaring up.
National guidelines recommend a COPD review once a year, and we aim to carry this out around the time of your birthday month. You may also be asked to complete a COPD review at another time.

You will first complete an online form using the link below, and this information will then be reviewed by one of our COPD nurses. Once you have submitted your information online, you will be contacted to arrange a telephone or face to face appointment to speak with one of our COPD nurses or our Clinical Pharmacist. Please include any questions or concerns in your online form, so we know to discuss these with you when we call.

Ahead of this telephone call, it would be helpful if you could also complete the COPD Assessment Test (CAT), and have your answers ready when the nurse calls. If you are able to you could email this to the surgery using our email address