Are you interested in finding out more about Ascot Medical Centre?
Would you like to influence the development of your local health services?
All patients of Ascot Medical Centre are considered to be members of the PPG,which was set up in 2011 to enhance communication between the patients doctors and staff of the practice.
We have an active Patient Participation Group but are always looking for patients to join us as a virtual PPG member participating via the Internet, usually every six to eight weeks.

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) represents the patients and responds to the Practice’s services from the patients’ point of view. With the help of a PPG, the Practice will aim to improve patient services and enhance the care and welfare provided.

It has the specific role of:

  • Acting as a resource to help shape practice development
  • Providing feedback on patients’ needs, concerns and interests and challenge the practice constructively wherever necessary
  • Giving patients a voice in the organisation of their care
  • Promoting good health and higher levels of health literacy by encouraging and supporting activities within the practice and promoting preventative medicine
  • Will provide a patient advocate if needed.
  • Staying in regular contact with the National Association of PPGs and other local area PPG groups.

You can now view previously agreed PPG meeting’s minutes for the preceeding year below and all future agreed minutes will be uploaded every 6-8 weeks.