Please remember that the majority of doctors appointments are 10 minutes long. This is in keeping with other general practices nationally, and enables us to balance the demand of workload within the surgery.

 We offer the following appointments every day and as pre-bookable
E-consultations (response by the end of the next working day)

*  Face to face appointments every day from 8 am.

*  Pre-bookable telephone consultations with one of the  GPs, every day up to 2 weeks in advance.

*  On the day telephone consultations, on the day, every day with a  Clinician.

*  Extended hours appointment from 6.30 to 9.00 pm and weekends for a GP appointment at Boundary House, Bracknell and King Edward VII Hospital, Windsor, pre-bookable and on the day if available

*  Musculoskeletal clinics, pre-bookable, every Thursday afternoon at the Surgery

We ask that if there is more than one issue that needs to be discussed that this can be dealt with within that time. The doctor or nurse may ask you to make a further appointment if he or she is unable to cover all the issues in that appointment slot, alternatively you may send your query online using eConsult. Starting your consultation online allows for investigations to be arranged before your appointment which is then reviewed as part of your face to face appointment if needed thus making more efficient use of time.

You may request a particular doctor and the appointment system will allow appointments to be pre-booked up-to 2 weeks in advance. Due to specific days that certain doctors work, it may not always be possible to get an appointment with that doctor but our Receptionists will try to accommodate where able. You may be able to maintain continuity with a clinician by making your query through econsult and asking for a particular GP/ nurse.

We aim to see all emergencies on the day of request. There are a certain number of appointments kept for on-the-day, urgent appointments. To access these, please telephone at 8.00am to get an appointment on that day and at 2.00pm where a handful of appointments are kept for emergencies on the day.

Please make every effort to keep your appointment. If you are unable to keep it, please let the Surgery know as soon as possible so that the appointment may be re-allocated



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